Friday, 22 October 2010

Weekend Wishes

It feels naughty even thinking this, but I am wishing and hoping for some good old dreary weather this weekend!

I want to bake and knit and read for two days solid; snuggle on the couch in my PJs and watch old comedies while eating too much.

I have plans this weekend, however. Exciting plans involving fun and culture and the outdoors, and so I must un-cross my fingers and toes and find some weekend energies!

But who cares?! It's Friday! Which so far has involved an early breakfast with a sleepy man, my Friday morning treat and a delicious sausage sandwich for lunch. These things all involve food - I'll quickly overlook that small detail! And there was the moon as I set off for work. That deserves a post all of its own; so beautiful and magical, there are sometimes real priviledges to leaving the house so early!

Some brief blanks, for Friday!!

1. I am many things right now. I am too hot, I am eating an apple, I am worrying about things that don't warrant a second thought. I am craving stillness and rest, time with Daniel and time with myself. I am in love with life and filled with joy at the people around me - my Mum who phones me to tell me a joke I don't even get, my friend who visits on a whim and provides the best conversations, jam and pages of our shared joy. I am lucky, that's what I am!

2. I wish I was still eating my sausage sandwich. Is that bad?

3. I like evenings at home, hot baths and Horlicks much more than any night out, and it's getting in the way of firendship big time.

4. I can touch my nose with my tongue, and I'm a bit too proud of it!

5. I hope that my trains are on time/not cancelled tonight. That's all I wish for this Friday!

6. I think that life is too short to moan or be unhappy - right now is all that we ever have!

7. I was convinced that I was being unrealistic, and it turns out I wasn't at all!*

Take part with Lauren - have a great weekend!

*A little ambiguous, I know - I'm referring to life, to everything.


  1. Have a great weekend whatever the weather decides to do!
    I'm at home watching the holiday, its the second time its been on today, but I love the cottage, it makes me feel happy n cosy!xx

  2. Hope you have a lovely weekend! I also want to stay in and snuggle on the sofa, but have some plans outdoors on Sunday. I might try and squeeze in some baking though.

  3. Lovely post. Enjoy all you manage to do this weekend.
    Lisa x