Monday, 30 May 2011

A Rather Good Weekend

This weekend has been filled with a lot of really good things. Three days is so much longer than two, don't you think?

Good things that involved sweet potato chips and roasted veggies. Good things like a really good run through the blustering countryside. Meeting old friends and catching up on the best of good news, drinking fizzy drinks until I wanted to pop.

Good things like seeing a band that has rocked my world for years, cradling me though the bad times and sharing with me the best of times. And they were perfect, and we didn't miss the last train home.

And, as with all of the best weekends, we had a really good bike ride. Not a great bike ride, because that would have involved less wind and more energy, but a really good bike ride all the same. I also had a really good fall, where I displayed some spectacular yogi ability at landing almost in the splits without pulling or breaking anything; I think the on-lookers were impressed, at least!

We took a slight de-tour from our cycling route to one of the UK's asparagus hotspots, where we bought premium, freshly-picked asparagus from an un-manned cart, leaving our change in a box by the veggies. This sort of trust is such a wonderful part of the countryside; a little reminder that there is plenty of good around us if we look.

We ate the asparagus with a delicious olive and cheese pizza, and rounded it off with Cumbrian ginger cake and ice cream. A hearty reward for our efforts! We finished off the evening with a really bad film. The sort of bad film that is impossible to switch off. The sort of bad film that makes you guffaw and tease eachother in amusement. So, in all, a really good bad film!

And, a busy and energetic weekend was rounded off by the world's longest lie in, followed by the world's longest (and greediest) breakfast. Some baking, some yoga, a brisk walk by the river and a curried lentil soup, and we are ready now for another week.


  1. You do look very happy in that photo1
    Lots of happy mood inducing things over your weekend, sets you up nicely for a 4 day week!
    Lisa x

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend, and I agree with Lisa, you look so happy in that photo. The "little reminder that there is plenty of good around us if we look" was exactly what I needed to read today; thanks! Marina x