Thursday, 26 May 2011

Whistle Stop Round Up of What I've Been Upto

It has been the busiest, most stressful fortnight, and in part I have been dreading it for weeks. But now it has reached its climax and we're on a steady decelleration to 4pm on Friday afternoon; hurrah for another long weekend ahead!

Despite my initial fear of these two weeks, it's actually been rather exciting, and lately I've found myself getting upto plenty of new and exciting things. My absence from my blog can be blamed entirely on the busyness, excitement and stress of days and days of non-stop doing, and then the inevitable come-down in the evenings!

A whistle-stop round up of my crazy fortnight...

We completed our first ever bike race, in hail, wind and rain (and I turned blue!)

I've been experimenting with some amazing vegan teatimes, involving pearl barley and black beans

We started spinning classes to help get us ready for our 100-mile challenge

I had a visit from a good friend all the way from Germany, who brought organic sunflower bread and pretzels!

We walked in the sunshine to a local organic nursery, where we browsed the blooms and shrubs for a while

I started a 16-week stepping challenge, and am currenly stepping an average of 18,676 times a day

I have been watching the fruits of our labour - quite literally - come to life in the yard

I learned to play bar billiards

I got paid to drink ginger beer and chat with a food-loving Editor for two hours

I watched England pass me by on a 3-hour train ride to Cheltenham Spa, and fell asleep with my mouth open on the way back


  1. Just reading your cycling blog makes me tired.

    We've had to postpone coming up to York next weekend but will let you know when we reorganise a date.

    I have tonsillitus again :(

  2. Lots of colour in those photos and lots of busy times for you again!
    Lisa x