Sunday, 8 May 2011

Weekend for One

My solitary weekend is almost at an end. I breathe a sigh of relief. Whew.

I can't say it was the most awesome fun I've ever had, but it allowed me to re-connect with a few things - myself, mainly - and to learn a few new skills that Daniel has allowed me thus far to avoid.

So, aside from the moping, I tried to turn the whole thing into an adventure. A sort of 'pretending that I'm single and I can afford the rent for this house on my own' sort of game.

Saturday featured a really hard 60-mile bike ride. We're doing a sponsored race next week, and I needed to tune out of running mode and back into bike mode. I didn't intend to do 60 miles, but I did intend to have an adventure, which is exactly what I got. I set out early, bag packed full of sugar and peanut butter, feeling full of energy and enthusiasm. Without a companion, though, when it gets tough it gets very tough, and sweaty heat teamed with wind and fat raindrops put quite a damper (literally!) on the middle section. Still, I had an amazing day out, and I am pleased to know that my own company and map-reading skills suffice to go it alone when needs be.

Sunday has provided the best opportunity to re-connect with myself. Daniel is my companion in all things; even when we're at opposite ends of the house or the city, we're still together somehow. A day completely to myself at home is a rare thing, and it has been completely indulgent and a lot of fun. I baked muffins for breakfast, and ate them topped with butter and marmalade. I lounged and listened to the radio for a while, before returning to the comfort of my bed to catch up on blogs. I felt totally at ease with being so lazy, and completely happy to let the day whittle away without any real events. I took a walk by the river and enjoyed the busyness of Sunday in a city, browsed vegetable shops and contemplated treating myself to an aubergine (I didn't). I cooked a proper lunch and listened intently to debates about politics (trying hard to get myself back in the loop), then went outside and cleaned my bike.

I confess: I have never cleaned my bike before. Daniel does it after every bike ride while I cook tea (I know, I know). I thought it was about time I tried, so I went and explored the bike shed, found the right tools for the job and started cleaning the sand and grit off the most fascinating piece of engineering I could ever have imagined. It was brilliant, and I was proud to turn my beautiful bike back onto its wheels and see it glistening in the sunshine. I just hope I didn't do it any damage!

Then, after a good wash, I baked some granola and did some stretching and some yoga.

I'm glad to have spent a bit of time in my own company again, not only to think (I get plenty of time to think on the train!) but to actually do things. It's been ages since I went for a walk on my own, or sat and ate lunch by myself, and these things can be just as good without anyone else there to share it with.

Still, I can't wait to get him back! :-)

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  1. Sounds like you did have a good weekend and made the most of the me time you had.
    Thanks for saying you'd have chips for tea if I visited!
    Lisa x