Monday, 12 July 2010

Blink and You'll Miss It

The weekend passed by in the blink of an eye. So different from the previous two weekends, which were languid and unfulfilling, these last two days have been filled with buzzing activity, laughter and company. Almost every waking minute was spent outside in the sunshine, and the weather was reflected in the food, drink, conversation and overall timbre of the days.

I returned home to attend a yearly gathering at my old high school. Going back to school is always odd, but this day in particular comes with a long string of emotional accompaniments; the excitement of seeing old friends, the tension of bumping into those who made life a misery, gratitude towards the teachers who helped fulfil the biggest dreams, a need to have become something or someone, to be able to say "this is me" with pride.

It was a wonderful day. Probably the best of the four such days I've attended since leaving school. Accompanied by some of the most special people in my life, I meandered dreamily through a familiar series of corridors and traditions, holding each moment in before moving onto the next.

Home baking crafted in the most delicate of proportions

Cups of tea on a sunny terrace

Memories with the best of friends

Cider lollies in the sun

And old traditions, the existence of which I simply could not explain to Daniel

Exhausted, and with aching jaws from hours of laughing, we returned home to generous amounts of Pimm's and lemonade, followed by a decadent family barbeque. The laughter and conversation continued into the night, and had we not gone our seperate ways, I'm quite sure we'd still be sitting in my garden, sipping drinks while catching up with the years we've missed, and re-capturing the years we muddled through together.


  1. Oh those Pimms look good, as doers the smoothie from your post a few days ago. I am a rubbish fruit eater and keep thinking smoothies are the way to go but am not very good at getting my act together and trying some. Need to refrsh my diet. Am going for a gym assessment tomorrow, am so intimidated by the thought of going, but needs must!
    Anyway enough rambling, glad you enjoyed all your weekend away activities.
    Lisa x

  2. Good luck with the gym assessment Lisa - be sure to report back! I joined a gym a while ago, and the man who took my induction was amazing, I still remember him clearly 4 years later (in fact I saw him last week!).

    As for fruit, I never ate much until my Dad went to Tanzania and came back with a penchant for mango and pawpaw! You can buy nice smoothies from 'your local supermarket' (Morrisons!); they're actually quite cheap and it saves cleaning the blender ;-)