Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Wall (a pep talk to myself)

The dreaded 'Wall' has risen up from nowhere.

The first time we met: Keswick Half Marathon, just past Grange, after 10 miles of running. My lungs were empty and every inch of my body was stinging. My toenail was hanging off, though I didn't know that at the time.

We met again: somewhere on the descending slope of Whernside. I'd been walking for about 7 hours, my feet were swollen and soggy in my boots, I'd been awake since 4:30am. I'd climbed to the top of Yorkshire. The heel of my foot was double in size and my toenail was hanging off, though I didn't know that at the time.

Now, we meet for a third time.

I've been sitting down for 7 hours a day for the past 4 weeks. I've been reading, writing, typing. Somehow, this is the equivalent of running 10 miles, of climbing 2 peaks, of feeling like a big slice of pain. My toenails are all in tact, I've checked.

This is a different challenge; running harder and faster for 10 minutes or singing Disney songs probably won't help.

Grrr I hate the term 'the Wall'. Yet I still have to call it that, because that's what it is, and it deserves such an appropriately uninventive title. I couldn't bring myself to call it 'the Wall' until I reached it for myself, then I understood why it was 'the Wall', and not ' the Breaking Point' or 'the Limit' or something similar; walls can be climbed over, after all.

To bear in mind: Our first two meetings have come during the two challenges which rank in my Top Two Achievements list. Maybe this will all be worth it.

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  1. Yes Catherine, just give yourself a pep talk!
    The Wall sounds...dreadful. But you're gonna get through it! The Wall only comes around when you're about to kick butt and be super proud of yourself, so look forward to...kicking butt!