Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sloth-Shaped Success

What can I say; the weekend was everything I needed it to be. Phew.

Friday night was spent with friends, around a table, with a pack of cards. When it comes to poker, my complete lack of understanding is my biggest asset. Not big enough this time, unfortunately, but a boisterous evening with good friends can be a real cure-all, even when it involves losing, cheesy jazz and alcohol.

Saturday brought the perfect weather for my planned weekend.

Pouring rain and gusty winds set the scene nicely for an indulgent day inside, and accompanied by some of the best comforts, I moseyed along serenely, energy-levels replenishing one lazy hour after another.

In the most appropriate uniform available for doing not-a-lot, I enjoyed some of those things that aren't always justifiable when life is filled to the brim with important tasks.

Getting stuck in to a new book. Reading a sentence then stopping to take part in the surrounding conversation. Then another sentence. Then more conversation. Ridiculously slow reading always seems more indulgent, somehow.

The joys of melted cheese, which can only be raised when teamed with toasted crumpets.

And, as I had promised myself so sincerely, some home baking. And Daniel did the messy work, as I gave out orders from the sidelines!

We used this recipe. I tried to make something similar not to long ago, without much success, but this time the results were heavenly!

Heavenly enough to gobble up 2 slices in one afternoon :-)

And then there were the things I couldn't photograph, like chatting incessantly about the months to come, the distant future and the way we want to do things. Sharing your dreams with another person is such an intimate thing to do, something I've never done before. I feel as if I could go on talking forever, over and over the same things, holding them in and enjoying the thought of making things happen. The ball that is our future has very suddenly started to move forwards, prompted by others who take for granted the plans that we've been nurturing so carefully for a while.

And now I sit in my pyjamas, lavendar oil burning a comforting haze into the room. Sipping tea and finishing off the gloopy remnants of my Easter egg, Sunday evening is brewing slowly, preparing me for another busy week ahead. And I'm surprised but warmed through by an anticipation for the next few days, as each week accumulates busyness the way a 2-year old accumulates new words*.

*I did think of wittier analogies but I happen to be writing a thesis on the accumulation of new words, and so this reference seemed more appropriate than wit. For some reason I felt the need to explain this - Disclaimer: I can be witty, I simply choose not to be right now ;-)


  1. Hemhem - but excuse me for asking - but how the hell can you still be eating your Easter egg? Mine was eating even before Easter!!!!!???

    Rainy days inside can be heavenly for sure - especially when with the right person :-)

    I love playing cards - but sadly, haven't got a clue how to play poker. I played it til 6am one drunked Summer's evening - outside - at a friend's house. I had a really good time - lost all my chips - but didn't care!

  2. Haha, I know, it's terrible! I'm not a huge fan of chocolate, I must confess!!

    Not having a clue is my best tactic when it comes to poker - and to be honest, I think it's better that way ;-)