Friday, 30 July 2010

Five O'Clock on a Friday

I have some mega exciting stuff that I want to share (I'm not engaged, or pregnant; that would be more than mega exciting!). However, there isn't much mega exciting stuff going on these days, and then suddenly it's Friday and there's mega exciting stuff, and so I'll do my usual 'hooray it's the weekend' Friday update, and report on the mega exciting stuff next week. We don't want excitement overload, after all!

So yes, Friday again! Actually, I'm not so happy about it this week; I could do with 3 more days to write write write, because the words are flowing, and I simply can't write on my only allocated day off, that'd be...obsessive!

However, I'm looking forward to a thoroughly normal Saturday. Daniel and I are going shopping tomorrow, which, though probably quite a normal thing for most couples, is for us a very very rare thing. We both hate shopping; I can think of one occasion when we've been shopping together, and we had to endure each other's grump, as well as our own. Nope, shopping ain't for us!

On Sunday it's the Big Race, which is exciting! I'm excited for Daniel to take part, I'm excited for that burst of adrenaline as you begin moving forward in a colourful hub of runners, I'm excited to run past the Minster, and I'm excited to take advantage of race-day adrenaline to push myself really hard. After Keswick, which was incredibly laid back and somehow pure in its taking-place, I think the organization of this race might be a shock to the system, as there will inevitably be loud speakers and music and TV crews, and maybe even a starting line (no one knew where to start in Keswick...).

But my weekend will hopefully involve plenty of sleep, which, coincidentally, is the theme for this week's blanks. Which, coincidentally, I wrote myself (the first 7, anyway)!

Visit Lauren to take part :-)

1. The last thing I do before going to sleep is
switch on my radio on sleep timer for 15 minutes, then drift off to the lilting tones of...whoever Gideon Coe/Guy Garvey choose to play, which is not always lilting!

2. When I can't sleep I look out of the window. My street is so empty at night, a whole row of houses lit up by the street lights. It's comforting thinking of everyone in the houses, so quiet and still.

3. The first thing I do when I wake up is switch on the radio, then have a wee and empty the washing up rack!

4. When I'm tired I am the most awful person to be around. I get whiney and aggravated at the tiniest things. Lauren, we should have a competition to see who is worse - Craig and Daniel can do the voting ;-)

5. My dream bedroom would be orchard green, with wooden floors and a four-poster bed. There would be cushions and rugs, but it wouldn't be crowded. Like Lauren, I'd have a bay window for sitting, reading and thinking. And an en suite!

6. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning it would be in a B&B in the Lake District, with breakfast in bed an the Saturday Times .

7. The longest sleep I've ever had was when I got back from Canada and I had jet lag. I don't remember how long I slept, but I know I woke up after 11am, which is the only time that's ever happened.

8. I sleep on my back or left side, but I do turn around a lot during the night.

9. When I sleep, I like to wear comfy pyjamas, but not scruffy ones - I'm all about cotton matching sets from M&S! Always trousers/shorts though, nighties get too twisted!

10. My bedtime is usually between 10 and 11...I'm definitely no night owl!.

Have a great weekend folks!


  1. So much sleep yumminess in this post! I hope you are able to catch up on the rest that you need. And have a wonderful race! Enjoy!!!!

  2. Now we both have exciting news that we're not sharing ;)

    Have a great weekend x

  3. Wow you're excitement is almost contagious! Good luck in the race!

  4. Hope you have a good weekend and the race is everythibg you hope it to be. Looking forward to the mega news!
    Lisa x

  5. hello Catherine :)

    i found my way here through Lauren's blank fridays.. i really enjoyed reading your answers. you are such a beautiful and original person.. you have such a lovely blog here. it's so nice being here and meeting you..

    i saw you're a linguistics student. i studied English Language and Literature at collage and graduated last year. we also had linguistics classes. it's really difficult for someone to learn the roots and characteristics of a language but it was pretty much fun. i loved that class.

    hope you're doing fine,

  6. Well, I'm intrigued by your mega-exciting news! Have fun at the race :)

    can't wait to hear the good news!!

    i always have to fall asleep to something whether it me music or tv! i'm a big fan of the sleep timer!!