Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Birthday Thoughts

My 22nd birthday in one of the best pub gardens ever...

My 21st birthday at the quirkiest (and most divine) restaurant in York...

My 20th birthday, playing games, drinking beer and eating cake in our PJs, in my scruffy student house.

Tomorrow it's my 23rd birthday!

After finally remembering last week that it's the middle of August and so my birthday is coming up, I'd been feeling pretty fed up about the fact that I'll be spending most of the day on my own, writing my dissertation. For the first time ever, I'll be waking to a solitary breakfast, without even a card to open and certainly no long day of self-indulgence before me (unless you count a Master's degree as self-indulgent, which actually I do, but that's a different story right now...!). But enough of the sob-story!

So, I've decided to make it an extra-special day; a day to celebrate being the free, independant and young person that I still happen to be! In under a month I'll be moving in with a man; giving up the solitude that I treasure to share my existence with someone else. Horror! [I'm going to post about this soon]

So, tomorrow, in honour of my 23 years: in honour of the hours I used to lay awake in anticipation before 'waking up' at 3am and opening all my presents, in honour of Playmobil and Tiny Tears and my beautiful French dictionary, in honour of the long labour that brought me into the world with only 2 paracetamols to ease my poor mother's pain; I will celebrate!

I'm going to enjoy a tasty breakfast with Radio 4 for company.

I'm going to wear a dress.

I'm going to have my favourite yogurt for lunch, and peanut butter and apple sandwiches.

I'm going to smile and spread birthday joy everywhere I go!



  1. Have a beautiful day.

    (we had my brother's graduation dinner at the Blue Bicyle - the whole horrible gypsy tribe of us practically took the place over!)

  2. Happy, happy birthday to you!!!!!
    Hope you enjoy whatever you do today.
    Lisa xx

  3. Yes, celebrate your birthday! It is such a lucky thing, for you to be young and independent and blah blah blah, so have tons of fun and take pictures and enjoy every piece of your birthday. Happy birthday, Catherine.