Sunday, 15 August 2010

City Days, Lazing Unlazily

As Saturday is my only day off, I try and make sure that each one is special in its own right; I avoid Saturday routines, and approach them with an 'every minute counts' sort of attitude. Somehow, this seems to work, as there have been very few Saturdays that haven't lived up to my expectations.

Since I've been incredibly tired and run down over the past couple of weeks (I've started getting migraines! I had no idea that such agony and discomfort could be possible!), the plan for this weekend (because there is always a plan) was to be lazy. And to go to a Marilyn Monroe exhibition at the local art gallery. My weekend completely did not go to plan. Being lazy is one of the things I'm worst at, and in this case, this annoying feature of my character made for a fabulous, if very busy, Saturday!

We strolled up at the art gallery to find that I'd got my wires twisted and there was no Marilyn Monroe exhibition taking place (queue confused gallery staff), but there was an exhibition on China's history, which we visited instead. I'd forgotten how brilliant museums and galleries can be!

We learned about spices - I must buy some star anise!

And I loved the puppet shows - the puppets were so intricate and the colours were beautiful!

Then, we got take-away panini from a local deli, and sat in the sun chatting and enjoying some fine deli savouries!

I had goat's cheese and red pepper; I sure do love a bit of goat's cheese! This was the hard variety, which is much easier on the tum, for some reason. And a ginger beer, of course.

Daniel had good ol' Yorkshire ham, cheese and chutney - Italian stylee. We came to the conclusion that we must own a sandwich toaster, as life cannot go on with out hot panini on a daily basis. (We ate panini in the same park on one of our first dates, incidentally)


That afternoon we went to play badminton, something I've got into since being with Daniel. I'm rubbish at competitive sports, which is why I run and do yoga as my chosen methods of exercise, but it turns out that I'm actually pretty ok at badminton. I really love it too; it's so nimble and quick, and the fact that I can actually play without feeling like an elephant is a small personal victory! I lost both games in fabulous style, but it wasn't through lack of trying!

And the unlaziness continued into the evening! After tea, we took a stroll out by the river, and enjoyed a drink and a sunset chat. It's one of those things that you always say you'll do, but never bother, and I'm so glad we did after all. I worry that my time is too planned, structured into sets of tasks, to the point where even relaxing becomes a task. I think that, slowly, I'm getting better at enjoying the moment, letting go of plans and worries and just indulging in the moment, which is the only time that we really have.


  1. what a GREAT day!!!
    museums and parks!! and learning about spices, how fun!!
    that day will go down in the books as a simply wonderful day!

  2. This DOES sound like a great day. The goat cheese and red pepper panini sounds so wonderful I wrote the idea down...for lunch? Hmm. Yummy!
    And I think your hair is so cute :)