Sunday, 29 August 2010

What Sunday Evening is For

An evening stroll, chatting, planning and reflecting on the weekend behind us

Slow and thoughtful soup preparation

A hot bubble bath

A late and nourishing supper of hot soup and bread

Music that isn't for the background

Reading emails from friends too far away

I've spent so many Sundays with a feeling of dread simmering away inside me as I mourn the passing of the weekend before it's even through. For some reason, I start to fear the challenges and busyness ahead instead of enjoying the final hours of my weekend, which, in my opinion, is an incredible waste of precious free time!

Since my weeks have become so massively intense, I've somehow managed to overcome this, simply by welcoming the challenges ahead, rather than trying my best to put them off. Sunday evening has become the start of my new week, as I prepare myself, both mentally and physically, for a week in which I will produce my best efforts, while also enjoying the busy but very rewarding ride.

This evening has so far been perfect. A busy but enjoyable Sunday has tapered out to leave me with some 'me-time'; time for nourishment, reflection, forward-thinking and space to enjoy the things I somehow find myself too busy to enjoy in the first three quarters of the weekend. A little pause in time to gather myself, before I launch into Monday with energy and aplomb.

Incidentally, I read a post about this Sunday-afternoon gloom on Kaileen Elise's blog. Maybe this is something we all fight at the same time every week! Do you get the Sunday gloom? How do you deal with it?

I've also entered Kaileen Elise's 32 Days of Sparkle Giveaway - some really nice gifts are up for grabs, but the entries will be closed very shortly so hurry!

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  1. I had the Sunday afternoon gloom half my life. I hated school and dreaded going back on Monday mornings. I always used to get it when I worked in law too, not because I hated my job but because of the 5.30am alarm clock. So glad that doesn't happen anymore.

    I don't really work a Monday-Friday week anymore - that's how I got over the gloom!

    Good luck in these last weeks of thesis writing! :)