Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Getting Me Through

I do not know how my body is still going - marvellous piece of machinery that it is, it has not (yet!) shut up shop, despite 5 hours of sleep a night (I'm a solid 8-hours girl usually) and one cup of tea a day! I'm not letting this pass me by unnoticed, no way, and it will be rewarded with some serious care once I live in a house with hot water and have enough hours to enjoy a long bubble bath.

Certain things are really helping me get through this tough (yet very enjoyable) slog, and this post is a dedication to the simple and wonderful things that seem even more wonderful after 10 hours of typing in silence!

Millionaire's Shortbread

I am currently munching on a slice with a large cup of tea. One of my favourite ever treats (so long as the caramel:chocolate:shortbread ratio is right, which it is here). Bliss!

Pretty toes

I painted my toenails for the first time all summer on Sunday! I rarely go without colourful toenails, but this summer I've been so busy, and my toenails have been wrecked thanks to running/hiking so I haven't bothered. Then, on Sunday I had a bit of 'me-time' for some pampering, and now everytime I look at my toenails, I feel a sensation of chilled-out-ness, briefly. (nb. Those are not my feet. I wish!)


More specifically, the above pose, which doesn't look like the man above when I try it, but wow it feels good! I come to my yoga mat in an evening, and I am more un-bendy than I've ever been before; even Child's Pose is a struggle! Despite this, or maybe because of this, I feel better after yoga than I ever have before; my body feels awake, alive, loose and fresh. Surprisingly, I don't even feel demoralized by my inability to stretch and bend and balance like I used to - I simply feel grateful to be unfolded so thoroughly!

Late-night Radio


I lie awake and listen, and it's wonderful. Is sleep timer the best invention ever? I reckon so.


  1. Oh, so glad you at least have a few good things planned for AFTER this :)

  2. Ah, the final steps of the Masters dissertation. The pain. The excitement. The crook back from typing for so many hours!!

    Three weeks before hand in I read a book that completely changed my mind about my conclusion... They were a fun three weeks for everyone involved :p

    Good luck with it, you'll miss it when it's gone :D

  3. Wowwwwwwwww - that caramel:chocolate:shortbread ratio was most DEFINITELY right!! (Well, maybe a little less shortbread!) teehee!

    Yoga - I still haven't returned to it - but then I've forgotton most if it sadly!

    I'm not a radio person either - I used to be as a teen - but no I need complete silence to be able to fall asleep, so night radio is completely wasted on me!

    And no, I don't paint my toes - maybe that's where I'm going wrong!?

  4. I can't believe you're still going strong after so little caffeine - I'd be in agony! The shortbread looks divine!