Sunday, 8 August 2010

No Place Like Home: Ma Chambre

In a recent Fill In The Blanks post I talked about my dream bedroom. The truth is that I already have a dream bedroom, and I thought I'd share it today!

In my eyes, a bedroom is exclusively for sleeping and other bed-related activities; it's not the place where I go in the daytime when I want to read or relax. Because of this, the décor in my dream boudoir doesn't necessarily reflect my tastes - rather, it reflects my idea of the perfect 'dreaming space'; a zone created for comfort, snoozing, drifting off and ultimate calm.

When I left for University my bedroom hadn't chamged for years - it was an utter mess, a horrible reminder of heavy teenage years, hours spent sulking with the curtains closed and Nirvana on full blast. There were posters on the walls of punk bands, the original colour scheme had disappeared under piles of baggy jeans, electric guitars and piles upon piles of CDs and books, and an accumulation of 'stuff' meant that the only decent space was on my tiny single bed.

Then I went travelling for a month, where I spent restless nights on trains and in bunks, waking up on all but two mornings in a room with strangers and having to locate my toothbrush and clean(ish) underwear from the depths of a backpack. After four weeks I was eager for my scruffy old bedroom back, impatient to sleep in a bed which felt the weight of so many weary bodies before my own. I got home, and after the 'welcome back' formalities had passed, I trudged upstaires in relief, impatient to shower and wear something clean and home-smelling.

As a surprise, my parents had completely re-decorated my bedroom. I'd had almost no input, but for a few admiring glances during a furniture shopping day a few months before. Three years later, I still delight in returning to that room, and I love waking up in what feels to me a lot like Paradise. Did they do a good job? Let's see...

(All soft furnishings handsewn by my Mum with material from Laura Ashley, except throw which is from Laura Ashley. Bed from Laura Ashley, antique mirror inherited from my Gran, chair inherited from my Gran and re-upholstered by my Mum)


  1. Very lovely and calming.
    Lisa x

  2. They did an amazing job!! And I reckon you could still listen to Nirvana there quite happily ;)

  3. Beautiful colours - and that mirror is gorgeous! You can't beat throw cushions and splashes of colour to 'home' up a room. The decor and the photos defintiely wouldn't look out of place in a glossy magazine ;-)

  4. Loving those colors! It looks so comfy, awww :) I'd also love to make changes to my room, but it's impossible since I share it with my brother...Guess I'll have to wait till I move out and get my own place.