Friday, 13 August 2010

Learning New Things, Remembering Old Things

I've learned some valuable lessons over the past two days. Some of them might be valuable to others, most of them probably aren't, but it goes to show - err, well, it shows that I am losing my marbles, at least.

Lesson 1: Lunch is important.
I already knew this. I knew it so well that I have regularly lectured poor, unsuspecting lunch-avoiders on the advantages of lunch. Then today, I skipped lunch. Partly because I had to be somewhere at midday, partly because I have no more than a soggy carrot and an old tin of ravioli in my stores and fancied neither of the two [ok, exaggeration; what I really mean is that I had no bread or potato and I'm too greedy to eat rice cakes as a main meal]. Consequently, I've been snacking on cereals since midday. Not a bad thing, not at all, but I am unsatisfied, cold and tired. Wonder why? Nothing beats a good slap-up meal in the middle of the day, and I promise to no longer feel ashamed of my rather astounding 3-course-packed lunch efforts in the campus dining area!

Lesson 2: It's my birthday very soon.
And I honestly completely forgot! I have 5 days to sum up enough enthusiasm to make some sort of plan. I'm hoping Daniel is making some for me. I usually like birthdays, but this year my mind is elsewhere. 23 is pretty unimportant, anyway.

Lesson 3: Cycling in not enough clothes is especially fun in the 6am pouring rain.
Stay over at boyfriend's. Bring only the clothes on your back (and a map of the Lake District). Experience something you'd probably never choose to do, and love it. Dry off, eat porridge, drink tea: daily joy fulfilled by 7:30 - what more can a day have in store?! (more rain, apparently)

Lesson 4: Don't take laptop places where you will put it down and forget it.
It contains 10,000 (ish) very very very valuable words. And probably myself, in pixel format.

Lesson 5: I really like people.
Having time for other people is one of the best things ever. And I think I only really realized that today. Laughing with someone and allowing yourself to let go and be open with them creates a small bubble of joy, one that I prevent creating rather too often, I think.

Well it is Friday, but I don't feel it today. My word the rain is incredible. I'm on my third change of clothes for the day. And so, some blanks from Lauren, to remind us in case it's our birthday soon.

1. Birthdays are: the only day when it's all about you, and I think it's important to celebrate that! People should indulge more in their birthdays - after all, what's better than treating a good friend with some company, a drink and maybe a gift on their special day? I love other people's birthdays more than my own, in fact!

2. My favorite birthday memory was maybe my 13th birthday, when we hired a bouncy castle! Me and my Gran played on it before my friends arrived, and it's one of my most treasured memories of her. I also loved my 21st birthday, which lasted for days - everyone made me feel so special!

3. A birthday tradition I (or my family) has is creating cards from rubbish. It's a tradition held by my brother, first started by my cousin when he made a card out of kitchen paper. A good way to save cash, but they don't stand up well on the mantlepiece!

4. If I had to choose one birthday meal to eat for the rest of my birthdays hence forward, I would choose Mum's lasagne and birthday cake! .

5. My birthday is on 19th August - next Thursday! .

6. If I could take a birthday trip I would go to a health spa. I seriously need it right now!

7. The best gift I've ever received for my birthday was my flute, which I needed, but it's my most precious belonging. It's not the flute itself that was the gift, I guess, but the tool I needed to go further in my musical career. I really must play more often!

And finally, I'm taking part in a Give Away, hosted by Kaileen Elise - join in here!


  1. I am sitting here, surfing the internet, desperately wanting to go home but waiting for the rain to cease. I think it never will. Autumn comes early....

    So thank you for giving me something interesting to read.

    My 23rd birthday came somewhere in the middle of my finals and was forgotten. It was also 13 years ago which is rather terrifying....

  2. I like number three, and your daily joy :)

  3. I reckon birthdays are fab, no matter what age you are.
    Lisa x

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Hope Daniel has made you something nice (preferably whipping up your mum's lasagne recipe by the sound of it!).
    23rd birthdays always seem special in my mind because that's how old G and I were the year we got married.
    Have a good one x