Monday, 16 August 2010

No Place Like Home: This City That I Love

I'm completely in love with the place I live, and I think this is quite a lucky thing to have going on. I've lived in York since moving to University here 5 years ago, and have continued to fall and fall and fall again for this magical place. I continue to discover hidden corners, boutiques, attitudes, organizations, cake shops and green spaces; something that I find almost overwhelming! As soon as I think I've found my favourite hotspots, more spring up, and so my 'Best Of: York' list is forever changing. Just like anyone else, the most special spaces in this city are the ones with memories attached to them, and its been five years of intense memory-making!

I'm so excited to call this place my home, and I intend to do so for the forseeable future. Here are some snapshots taken over the weekend, showing some of my favourite things to be found dotted about York.

The Minster, towering above the city so watchfully

Crooked buildings, quaint windows

Picnic spaces with a difference

Windows, windows, windows

The old and the new

Pride in what is local

Rustic and vibrant, proud of what it is


  1. Looks like a lovely place! And you are so lucky to love the place where you live! Love you veggie and windows pics!

  2. I have such a long history with York. I nearly went to university there (but moved to Australia instead), my closest friend did his PhD up there and my brother did his BSc. I've seem to have spent half of my life going back and forth to York and it is, without doubt my favourite city in the UK after Cambridge.

    Next time I'm up there we should have a cup of tea :)

  3. Oh wow! A small world :-) (sort of...!)

    Well I know many wonderful cafés, including the location of the best carrot cake ever, which also happens to be vegan! Do let me know if you plan to visit!

  4. I've never been to York but it looks absolutely beautiful! Old and modern architecture peacefully coexisting has always been one of my favorite things. We don't get that quite as much here in America, so I'm a bit jealous. :-)

  5. Hi Erin :-)

    Yes, it's a really subtle juxtaposition, too! Visitors to the UK so often stay in the South, but York is a perfect place to spend a week or so - I highly recommend it ;-)

    In the fourth photo from the top, with the windows, one of those buildings is a restaurant and I recently saw a play in another - it's as if the setting of normal everyday things is seeping with history and beauty!

  6. I must visit! it definately looks like my kind of city! ive fallen in love with it from your pictures alone! :)

  7. Rustic and vibrant! That is an amazing combination. I love your words, and I love that you love where you live :)

  8. I've never been but want to now! Thanks for the tour.