Friday, 18 September 2009

Afternoon Office Space

Roll on the weekend!

I've been working for my parents this week. Sitting behind a computer, adding data adding data adding data. Repetitive but quite rewarding to prove myself to my two harshest judges! I enjoy the routine it has provided; ready in smart clothing with packed lunch and glasses, to be at my desk for 9:30. Oily men everywhere, greasy kitchen spoons and UHT milk. Noise and clattering while these hardworking men (they are all men, which means I share the ladies' loo with one other person - my Mum. Awesome!) create parts that help the world work better. Purpose - I like it. Trains are chuddering towards London, houses are being illuminated and entertained, cogs are ticking and alarms are ringing because of this building in a corner of West Yorkshire. So inputting the machine timings felt RELEVANT. The first really relevant thing I have ever felt myself doing!

Now, I'm ready for the weekend. To change into PJs and splodge on the couch with junk food and trashy TV. I doun't doubt that these cravings come from busy work days.

Next time I will update on bakery and craft. Because life hasn't been work, work, work! I've been outputting hoards of creativity!


  1. Hello Catherine,
    I hope you don't mind the presumption but I have decided to follow your blog. I find the posts fascinating and stimulating. I stumbled upon your blog while seeing how many other people from York do the blog thing. I too have an interest in linguistics so I want to keep reading. Thanks, Ian

  2. Hi Ian! Thanks for reading! There will probably be more about linguistics once I start my course again!