Monday, 21 September 2009

Creativity Gone Mad!

As promised, this post is purely an account of absolute indulgence in the world of craft and bakery! It has been awesome, being at home, as I have had bags of flour, millions of varieties of sugar, and all the condiments known to man available to use at leisure! And so I used them, in abundance! I love baking, it is probably my favourite rainy day thing to do, and it is transferable to sunny days, windy days, foggy days - any days at all! All I need is my parent's kitchen and lots of things to experiment with.

So on Thursday Jenfer came over for bake-therapy. Of course, we didn't want to jump straight in without a warm-up, so she curled my hair!

I'm lucky to have straight straight hair that needs no extra attention, but I want a waaave! So I got a waaave and felt extra sleek and girly for the day :-)

Then, we scoured the recipe books for something to suit our tastes. Of course, scones were a must, since they are my favourite. But we fancied something a bit stickier too, needing a bit of technique and providing a gloopy mess to clean up.

Et voila!

An extra sugary sticky ginger cake!

Here is Jenfer modelling our artwork!
And here we are consuming it!

In fact, I didn't enjoy the ginger cake that much. I don't have a particularly sweet tooth (I still have all of my easter chocolate in the cupboard, nevermind a whole collection of birthday/other chocolate!), so I had one slice and left the rest for my brother.

On Saturday the baking resumed. I created some awesome sugar-free egg-free banana muffins for Daniel, to celebrate him finishing his dissertation. We like, a lot! They were consumed in bed with tea - surely the only way to eat muffins?

Then, for Mum's birthday pudding I made a rhubarb and ginger crumble. There are no photos of this to tempt you, as we gobblwed it up without regard for anything else. I had 2 massive portions - greedy but unavoidable. Woah good.

I am also KNITTING A SCARF. It is so warm and wooly and wintery - I can't wait to wear it! I will put some sneak preview photos up soon. All I have to say about this is that my knitting skills are better than ever, though I go for speed rather than neatness. It will be scruffy but looong!

Lastly, yesterday evening called for DIY. I was scraping paint and pulling out nails at Daniel's new house. So much fun! Today we're celebrating his freedom with a trip to Betty's and a trip up the Minster tower. I'm so excited for everything :-)

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  1. why do we always crave someone elses hair? Mine has a wave and I long to have wash and go straight hair! I wouldn't mind if it was properly curly but the 'just out of bed' and in the rain frizzle is just not a cool look. I've given up on long hair too and am loving my new short bob