Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sharing my Solitude

I came home from work on friday to find this on my doorstep

I had been helping Daniel move his belongings from his University accommodation to his new house - not an easy task when you remember that he is an English student with boxes upon boxes of books! - so he had left me a small suprise for my return. It made me grin a lot and numbed the aching arms slightly :-)

His new house is currently a building site, so he is temporarily living with me until the place is in working order. It's a mix of fun and excitement with nerves and pressure to not be too pernickerty about everything. My own space is something which I value above most other things; I don't like company for an extended period of time, and I was sure it'd be tough having him around all of the time. In a way I was right; as soon as he left this morning to fix up the house, I suddenly felt much more relaxed and at home. This all sounds so misanthropic, I know, and I can't deny that I am defintely a misanthrope in a lot of ways. However, I like the mechanics of having him here all the time - I like working out how we can work together; how we can arrange our individual lifestyles to meet somewhere in the middle that suits us both. Finding harmony with compromise and tolerance has been quite tricky, but already I feel like we're learning.

Yesterday afternoon we chilled in town for hours, and it was brilliant to have him back out of the depths of South African poetry. We read for a few hours in the Habit and I topped off my hangover with wine on an empty stomach, then we wandered the walls in the evening light. Underneath the green of the trees, York Walls provide such an escape from the city hoards in the evening light. It's one of my favourite things at the moment.

We then got takeaway broth and corn breads from El Piano and sat on benches watching the Saturday drinkers. So relaxing! I love Saturdays! Especially when they are rounded off with pizza and beer and an early night!

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