Thursday, 3 September 2009

Nous les gourmands

Time to report back on my evening of glorious grub! For those not in-the-know, El Piano is a vegan and gluten-free tapas restaurant in York. It's one of the most exciting restaurants I've ever eaten in - so colourful and rustic, and the food is just amazing, perfectly-suited to my tastes at least! The chairs are simple kitchen chairs, painted different colours and decorated with pictures of water melons or cherries or something similarly lovely. It feels like a food lovers' treasure trove, the Aladdin's Cave of gastronomy!

So it's easy to understand how the food lover can be seduced upto greed-induced agony, and last night ended in such a situation for me! I rarely feel full; in fact, most of the time I am at least a little bit hungry. So we ordered 6 bowls of Racion (large) tapas [note: the table of 5 behind us ordered 6 meduim-sized bowls...].

This included:

Onion bhajis
Pea and potato curry
Aubergine bake
Cabbage slaw
Corn breads
Tortilla chips

And then there was a bowl of rice and chutney provided.


So we made it through most of this, no problem. And I couldn't resist a pud!

Honestly the most delicious carrot cake to ever pass my lips. Made without flour, butter or eggs. Joy of joys! We then hit Evil Eye for a tough 7% cider to aid indigestion.

No suprises, today is a groaning, stick-to-soup day. So worth it!

In other news, I have tough decisions to make this afternoon: I said I'd play flute in the orchestra for a production of Patience by Gilbert and Sullivan (a proper public performance, so exciting!) but I unknowingly have made other commitments for 3 of the performance days. I also intend to write more of my feminism article for the Women's Committee magazine (I am wearing my glasses and so in a productive, intellectual mood!) and a letter to a friend. I recieved a letter from an old old school friend today, which was the most wonderful thing. I still write letters, but not as often as I would like to, and recieving this has reminded me exactly how good it feels to read and write letters. So this should be a good, pen-involved afternoon.


  1. haha Daniel looks scared by the amount of food! ;D

  2. Hehe he was! The whole time he was saying "well...if we can't manage we'll just take some home, it'll be fine..."

    Not much was taken home!

    I think we terrified the waitress with our eating capabilities!