Saturday, 5 September 2009

Already Feeling the Chill

We haven't even seen past the first week in September and I have already dug out my vests, wooly Dales socks and am (shock horror!) toying with the idea of turning on the heater. I hate feeling the cold so easily - people are still walking about in shirts without a coat, and I'm sat in my house with thick socks, a vest and 2 jumpers. Bring on the misery!

I love Saturdays. Today has been slow and lazy, lots of tea and reading and radio. I'm about to start a new book which is always scary but exciting territory, I will spend the next hour acquaining myself with it.

Too much daydreaming is causing confusion in my Life Plan. It keeps changing - since this time last year I have lived hundreds of different futures for myself. I'm settling now into two main ideas, one involving books and one involving food; obviously the next year will help in deciding which one suits me the best. Hopefully my absolute enthusiasm for this MA is a good sign that it is the right path to be taking.


  1. You could become a food critique or write cooking books. Perfect combination of food and books :)

    btw: I like the new blog. Pictures make it so much nicer.

  2. I was thinking a café-bookshop but there's already so many of those - your ideas are more exciting!

    I'm predicting that I'll get a bit carried away with the photos ;-)