Monday, 7 September 2009

Blue Skies Again!

Today is absolutely my ideal weather. I am full of the autumn! The sun was glaring through my curtains this morning; I don't mind waking up early when my wake up call brings such good news!

So I am full of autumn fruits and their colours!

My Mum and Brother came into York today for exciting family shopping, something I always enjoy! Will and I had good long chats about things only we understand, and I drank my favourite apple and ginger juice, awesome!

I also sampled a City Screen pizza, which was pizza in the most sumptious of forms. Oozing cheese, chunky veg, tangy tomatoes - woah tasty! Here are some photos to make you jealous!


So now my bones ache in a satisfying, post-shop way. No good shopping trip ends without pleasant agony, that's for sure! As usual, I was tempted by pyjamas and undies and comfy wolly additions to my wardrobe. I never need the things I want the most, but I do get the most use out of them.

I am falling in love with blue this autumn, but of course, my lifelong affair with purple remains.