Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New Hair for New Beginnings!

Yesterday I had all of my hair cut off.

And I mean, all of it - shears were involved!

My beautiful hair is all gone! It is in a bag under my bed, waiting for some clever person to turn it into a wig.

Until very very recently, I absolutely loved having such long hair. I loved having it down, plaited, pony tailed, scrunched up, anything! It felt like my trade mark and I was really proud of it. But very suddenly, this all changed.

I stop finding it feminine, instead I felt like a little girl. I stopped feeling creative with it, instead I felt like it was lank and old and uncreative.

In little over a week I went from loving it to having it chopped off. I love making rash decisions like this! I love the risk, the excitement, the whim! I know that a few people (maybe a lot of people) don't like it. I know I look like a completely different person without my hair. But I don't care; I couldn't care less what other people think, and if what I do makes them talk, then all the better!

I don't feel like a new person, but I do feel that I have been reignited - suddenly I feel full of life again, everything has changed with such a minor adjustment, and I can experiment a bit with who I am and what I do. Fun stuff! And just in time for a new degree, with new people and a new lifestyle. Everything around me is changing and I can't resist changing with it!

I'm not putting photos up on here just yet. I hate 'fake' photos of myself, I can't look natural unnaturally, so you must wait until I have photos of me in the real world! Until then, think Annie Lennox.

A sexy woman, that's for sure :-)

Tomorrow, 6am, we head off to Ilkley to start out Dales Way adventure! So no updates for over a week, and then there will be no doubt a lot to say! Tonight we are going to Fibbers to see Fanfarlo and First Aid Kit supporting a band I've never heard of - can't wait!!

Here is a sneak peek of my scarf - not long til completion!!

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