Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Sometimes even winding down can feel like too much effort.

After a day of sitting crouched before a spreadsheet, I desperately needed some yoga this evening, specifically a few good spinal twists. Spinal twists are my favourite type of yoga pose; I can feel myself opening out, as if worries and preoccupations float out through the spread of my ribcage. Today I needed remedy only found in a spinal twist. I got it, eventually, but as I was following the instructions of Dawnelle from Yoga Download, I had no choice but to go via Ukatasana, a good handful of Downward Dogs (not a fan, I hate being upside-down) and various front and back lunges. It paid off though, with the unexpected bonus of Eagle towards the end. So much physical effort when I felt so lazy, but worth it.

I need to wind down. I finished a very important stage in my dissertation today - analysis is over! This means no more mindless formatting and checking; it's time to get creative! This is the bit that I love, the reason I've stayed at University for an extra year. I love writing and thinking and researching ideas. The ideas are smashing around in my head, bumping into one another uncomfortably, and no matter how hard I try, at this point I cannot get them to stand still. I'm taking this opportunity to seek some brain space; I'm heading to my parents' house for 3 days, where I'll hopefully get some much-needed TLC. (I've pre-ordered Mum's lasagne, hurrah!)

I intend to spend a lot of time thinking while I'm away. But I have plenty of other intentions too.

So here we have my 3-Day Thinking-Optimisation Plan:

Indulge in a bubble bath with plenty of Lush treats

Enjoy uninterrupted breakfasts with my book and multiple mugs of tea

Write in my blog about thoughts and feelings, rather than events

Write in my diary; record feelings for safe-keeping

Talk properly with my family, especially my brother

Do some simple gardening such as weeding and clearing leaves

Run in the countryside

Time to breathe out is just what I need; I know when my body needs rest, and I know that any academic efforts will be hampered by exhaustion if I don't give it what it needs. Three days should be enough to untangle the knot in my chest and re-discover the depth of my lungs.

And Savasana.



  1. Sometimes I wish there was an OFF switch for my brain and that I wouldn't have to constantly think of everything...Guess I need a break too ...breathe in, breathe out.

    Have fun! and oh mom's kitchen, that sounds like YUM! *nom nom*

    P.S. I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you. Pease, check this tag out on my blog here

  2. Yeah, I find it hard to switch myself off at the moment - particularly in the midst of a wedding crisis with four weeks to go!! Aargh!! Yoga is definitely needed!!

    Hope you enjoy the down time with your parents - what you have planned sounds lovely :) xx

  3. Oh I like your plans! That sounds like a good relaxation plan