Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Best Blog Recipes: Eat Live Run's Carrot & Ginger Soup.

I've been following Jenna at Eat Live Run for a long time now, and have tried and loved so many of her recipes. She did a 100-mile bike ride herself last year, and was kind enough to give me some good advice about the wonders of peanut butter before we did our race back in August.

It seems a bit silly to be blogging about carrot and ginger soup, when I could be spreading the word about her peanut soba noodles, carrot cake muffin bars, or Easter hot cross cookies (try them all, really!). But I thought this recipe was really worth talking about because of it's wondrous simplicity.

It's a Sunday, and so I wanted soup (shameful creature of habit that I am). I'm on my own; I didn't really want to cook; in fact, I wasn't really in the mood for eating. I wanted something quick, comforting and involving carrots, as we had a bunch in the fridge from the veg box.

I made carrot and ginger soup a while back and I wasn't altogether happy with it. The consistency wasn't good, and the ginger was too sharp - I think it was even one of those rare occasions when I didn't actually finish my meal! I tend to divert from recipes and not measure things correctly - this can mean the difference between soup and baby food, but still I won't learn! So this time I checked up on this recipe, which I had noticed a while back, and followed it reasonably strictly!

I was tempted to add celery and garlic, but held back. I did add lentils (!!), but only because this was my main meal for the day, and I wanted it for lunch in the week, too.

Amazing how such simple combinations can make something so delicious. Including the lentils this meal has only six ingredients. It took minutes to throw together, left minimal washing up, and sat simmering happily while I had a shower and tidied up. Blend, make toast, season and you're ready to go! The coriander adds a real warmth and takes away some of the sharpness of the ginger. The consistency is lovely and thick, really comforting for an autumn evening. But, the sweetness of the carrots is the main event - they need no celery, no garlic, and no chili; perfect just as they are.

And there's plenty left for the week!

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