Sunday, 9 October 2011

This Weekend.

This weekend began with Erik Satie on vinyl, filling the house with an uncomfortable symphony while I assembled book cases.

This weekend I went for a long road run, ready for a half marathon in three weeks' time. The hills were painful and never-ending, the air was soggy and soon so was I. Still, I was excited to discover the proximity of dry-stone walling, open fields and endless footpaths to our front door; I can see a season of winter walks ahead.

This weekend we spent some time finishing the last details of our house. The library is organized, the spare room is ready for the in-laws next weekend (eek!), and a house has finally become our home. Cleaned, polished and cherry placed firmly on the cake.

This weekend we explored the local bookshop, which is simply too good to be true. I picked up my fouth book of the week in the form of essays by JP Sartre, prompting a lengthy discussion with the unassuming man behind the counter. When a bookshop can be an answer and a question all in one, you know it's going to be a much-loved haunt.

This weekend I experimented with organic vegetables, with results better than I could have hoped. Expect veg updates later in the week!

This weekend we watched Another Year, a film full of humanity, which is both optimistic and pessimistic in equal measure. I drank cider and ate too much fruit cake, and it was a highly satisfying evening.

This weekend I had a perfectly lazy Sunday morning - the sort of Sunday morning I can ususally only dream about. Waking to howling winds and drizzly grey rain, I stayed curled up under the duvet for way too long. Carrot cake porridge* on the couch, watching downloaded episodes of The Great British Bake Off (I am obsessed! No spoilers please!) and emailing friends.

This weekend we went for a blustery walk up Baildon Moor. The rain blew in our faces and our trousers got soaked and stung our legs, but conversation and hill-walking kept us suitably warm.

This weekend we had eggy crumpets for Sunday lunch, with homemade green tomato ketchup, while listening to Gardener's Question Time. I don't have a garden, but I love this programme and am sure to tune in every week.

This weekend I got 671 words closer to a huge personal goal.

This weekend I made sweet potato and coconut soup for tea, which Daniel decided is one of his 'Top 5'. We always forget what soups we make and how we make them, so I need to start keeping a record!

I hope your weekend was full of autumnal pleasures!

*Carrot cake porridge - my new Sunday morning treat! Jumbo oats, grated carrot, walnuts, jumbo raisins and cinnamon, drizzled with honey. Perfect.


  1. My lot would like the soup I reckon so a recipe would be appreciated!
    I love the sound of your weekends. So brim full of happy, simple, home loving stuff with a dash of friends and family too.
    Lisa x

  2. I love reading everyone's weekend posts. I love my job so much but I do miss having proper weekends.