Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Veg Box Updates

This week's veggie box did not disappoint!

Winter broccoli
Pointed cabbage

I was especially pleased to get a good ol' broccoli, as it's my favourite of the greens and I thought I wouldn't be seeing it again until the summer! I didn't know there were different seasonal varieties, but this was delicious, and the flowers were much bigger than usual thanks to the weird heatwave that we had a couple of weeks ago!

As this was a very busy week we weren't too adventurous in the kitchen with this one, sticking to simple and familiar dishes that wouldn't take up too much time!

We used the carrots, broccoli and leek in a simple butterbean stir fry, served with delicious wild red rice and topped with yogurt.

The cauliflower was saved for a Friday night curry, which also included chick peas, carrots and homegrown tomatoes. It was divine, and the homemade naans (which were unbelievably easy to throw together!) were just incredible. I highly recommend having a go at these!

I wasn't so sure what to do with the purple kohlrabi, and after a bit of research it seemed that this is best in coleslaw-type salads rather than being cooked up in a hot meal. Since it's been so cold recently, stew was the only option for Monday night, so I threw the chopped kohlrabi, cabbage and remaining carrots in my casserole dish with some mixed beans, paprika and rosemary. The cooked kohlrabi was definitely tasty enough, but I did have a sneaky raw piece too which was absolutely divine, almost apple-like. Yum!

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  1. Broc is the ONLY green veg I eat and it has to be very well cooked too. So fussy1
    Well done on your inspirational recipes.
    Lisa x