Monday, 31 October 2011

This Weekend.

This weekend we took the train back to my parents' after work. The excitement of the journey home is new to me, having always been picked up when we lived in York (it was always quicker and cheaper to drive that journey). Now I love bustling through Leeds station with my weekend bag, watching the towns fly past on the journey, waving to my Mum/Dad/Brother as I cross over the tiny station platform.

This weekend I took an early morning walk with my Mum, enjoying the countryside novelty of having to walk over a mile to get a paper and visit the bakery. The morning was crisp and the light and colour were perfect. I kept having to chase after my Mum as I stopped to take photos.

This weekend I enjoyed the novelty of a completely lazy Saturday. I baked Yorkshire parkin, ate bagel with poached eggs, read the papers and played word games in front of an open fire.

This weekend we watched Blue Valentine, which moved me with its realistic take on love and made me grip Daniel's hand a little tighter. I couldn't help but fall in love with Ryan Gosling's character just a wee bit. And popcorn; I always forget how much I love microwave popcorn!

This weekend I completed the Worksop Halloween Half Marathon. It was a perfect race, with cars honking as we crossed a road bridge, a brass band playing in the park, autumn colours blending out into the distance, and perfect running weather. Daniel took a few too many photos of Worksop Priory and so my camera was dead by the time I crossed the finish line; crying out in pain from a stich, certain I was about to throw up and 12 minutes faster than my previous best time. 12 minutes faster and a whole lot fitter than I ever imagined I'd be. What a result.

This weekend I managed what I thought was the impossible, and my body wasn't thanking me for it. I treated it with my Mum's sublime Sunday Roast (with the most perfect Yorkshire puds you'll ever try!), crumble with extra custard, a glass or two of wine and a home pedicure.

I'm still reeling from a wonderful weekend. I wore my awesome race tshirt to work today to celebrate :-D


  1. That is a pretty fab tshirt! Well done on the time! I want yorksire puds right now, love them!
    Lisa x

  2. What an AWESOME t-shirt!! And what a smashing of your PB, 12 minutes faster is amazing! Well done xx