Thursday, 3 November 2011

Veg Box Updates.

This week we requested a veggie box without any potatoes, as I am reluctant to eat them more than once a week, and even then I usually want them baked - no good when you have a handful of smaller potatoes! Daniel ate potatoes every day when we first met, and the potato debate is a long-running one in our household, but even he agreed with me on this one, however delicious the organic local taties have been, there were too many for just us two!

So, instead, we got a whole host of veggie delights this week:

Green pepper
Russian kale
Curly kale 
We cooked up a delicious winter salad with a beetroot, some kohlrabi, apple, pepper and matchsticks of Russian kale. Mixed with Puy lentils and pearl barley, this made an amazing hot meal, and great cold lunches, too! I served this with kale, stir fried with garlic and lemon grass.

After my flute lesson on Tuesday I came home to the delicious smell of roasting winter veg: carrots, parsnip, onion, apple and walnuts. Amazing!

Tonight I've cooked one of my favourite indulgent meals: vegetable pilaf, or 'rice bowl' as it is fondly known in our household! Cubes of beetroot and kohlrabi simmered with rice, butterbeans and spices, and more of that amazing stir fried kale on the side!

I also cooked up a quick carrot and ginger soup for post-race goodness, and the cauliflower has been saved for a Friday night curry tomorrow! We've already got our next veg box, and there's a big selection of exciting things to try out over the coming week - can't wait!

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  1. Potatoes: mashed, roasted, home-made crisps, potato cakes, non-gluten sauce and soup thickeners... the list goes on. Yup I could eat tatters every day. And mostly do.

    But then I'm Irish. It would be rude not to....