Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Veg Box Updates.

This week's veg box overwhelmed me slightly. Normally we'd buy peppers, mushrooms, courgettes, and throw together chillis, stir fry, bolognese and other easy meals. The seasonal fare available in November is much 'heavier' than our usual selection, and I've been lacking in creativity and inspiration when it comes to lots of leaves, lots of green, lots of earthy, dirty, goodness.

This week the Veg Man delivered:

Red cabbage
Curly kale

Friday night curry night saw a deliciously fresh cauliflower and tomato curry, with amazing homemade naan. One thing for sure is that winter veg is perfect for curries; the days of soggy pepper and courgette seem far away!

Soup Sunday (even our menus are in formation - how dull we are!) was a resounding success this week, and we decided to celebrate the season with a leftover pumpkin. I don't think pumpkin is particularly exciting in soup (please let me know if you have a good recipe though!), but in this case we roasted a tray of pumpkin, turnip, onion and garlic in honey and olive oil, all sprinkled with rosemary, and then whizzed it up with some stock at the end. So earthy and delicious, on such a chilly Sunday evening.

We made a delicious noodle stir fry using my favourite peanut sauce, which was delicious amongst the greenery of kale and broccoli, and sweetness of the red cabbage.

And a simple kale, beetroot and cannelini bean soup, which was plain but perfect for a pre-yoga meal on Tuesday and post-run nourishment on Wednesday.

And finally, an amazing warm winter salad, with stir fried red cabbage, carrots and apple (I'm loving apple in savoury dishes right now), walnuts and raisins, cinnamon and cumin. Delicious.

Now, I've just received the next veg box and there's a turnip as big as my head in there. Does anyone have any good turnip recipes?! Please do share!


  1. The meals you come up with are so inspiring and colourful. I guess a veg box scheme is a good way to shake things up. I love pumpkin soups - will share a recipe soon. And yay for apple in savoury dishes - I also like banana in curries! I've never made naan myself, must try it - I think you mentioned a while ago you made them with spelt flour? x

  2. I dread the veg box at this time of year. I end up giving half the greens to my mum as apart from broccoli (which I eat by the kilo) I can't digest leafy greens unless they are boiled to oblivion which rather defeats the object. And I hate turnips. I tend to just boil all the root vegetables together and mash them into a huge mash or roast everything in sundried tomato infused olive oil so that I have a vague hope that one day it will be summer again....