Monday, 7 November 2011

This Weekend.

This weekend was perfect, and relatively unplanned. Even those plans that were made didn't all go to plan, in the best possible way.

I arrived back from a meeting in London on Friday evening, tired, undernourished and eager to start the weekend. We celebrated a successful week with curry and homemade naan (I was pleased to find that spelt flour can be used in naan, as I had run out of plain!). We toasted to ourselves with a pint, and settled down for Curb Your Enthusiasm and cake - perfect!

A lazy Saturday morning turned into an active day, with a six-hour walk into the Yorkshire Dales. The sky was pale grey shading to light blue, streaked with dim sunlight and perfectly November. We trudged through watery mud baths, wandered through woodland where leaves were thicker underfoot than overhead, and picnicked on top of a hill looking over to the ruins of Bolton Abbey Priory. At Bolton Abbey we met some friends and their lovely dog; we may well be doggy people yet! We walked and talked until the sun went down, and then went our seperate ways.

Bonfire night plans had been made many weeks ago, but we were hungry, cold and in need of some light, and so we frivolously threw the plans out of the window, took a taxi to the nearest town and enjoyed yet another curry - more authentic this time, and without any washing up! Back home we wandered the smoky streets, thick with the smell of burning wood and gunpowder, soaking up the rather frantic, wild atmosphere of bonfire-goers. We cosied up under a blanket with a bag of cookies and some music, falling into a well-earned sleep on the couch.


Sunday was bright and crisp, and all my plans for a duvet day crumbled into a heap. In my shortest fell running shorts I took to the hills, clambering upwards and bounding back down again until my feet were sore. Back home my thighs turned purple from the cold! The afternoon was quiet and slow; I baked bread, ironed a fortnight's worth of shirts and bedded down for Sunday evening and the week ahead. Pumpkin soup and bread fresh from the oven, Ace Ventura Pet Detective (I'm now obsessed!) and camomile tea rounded off the day, and the weekend, perfectly.

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  1. Oh I love Ace Ventura! Had you not seen it before? You should see the second one, When Nature Calls. It's hilarious!