Sunday, 20 November 2011

This Weekend.

This weekend I realized something that has escaped me for the past two months: I realized that I am falling in love with this place.

We set off on a bike ride in glorious sunshine, to find ourselves lost in mist only miles along the road. The countryside was swept away into an eerie grey, and the damp and cold was a refreshing reminder of the new winter that hasn't always been so apparent.

We panted and sweated up hills, then flew effortlessly back down the other side. Cycling, countryside, and cold, fresh air were handed to us on a plate for a fantastic Saturday adventure. Just over Ilkley Moor the sun came out and the mist vanished with a whisper; literally melting away as we watched.

We picked up some fat rascals (huge Yorkshire scones) from the farmer's market when we arrived home, and treated ourselves after a tiring morning. We cooked a celebration leek rissoto - the first meal I ever cooked for Daniel - and enjoyed a glass of wine and some music together.

Today it is Stir Sunday, and our house smells heavenly. We now have two fantastic Christmas puddings and six jars of mincemeat to see us into the season. My Christmas spark has been lit and I can't wait to keep on creating gifts for my family and friends! I have a whole host of inspiration and ideas, it's getting quite overwhelming!

I'll let you know if my wish comes true!

And finally, to see out a busy and wonderful weekend in style, we are cooking up some pie and veggies, with baked apples for pudding. The ironing is (almost) done, tomorrow's lunch has been made, and I am looking forward to a cosy and quiet evening with food, wine and Ace Ventura!


  1. Lovely photos - as always!

    Am glad you're falling in love with the area - it is beautiful isn't it!

    I work there two days a week - but don't live there - I'm actually near Holmfirth, so it's almost an hour away - which is beautiful in its own right too so I'm happy!

    I'm planning on making some salt dough decorations very soon - some of which will undoubtedly end up as little stocking fillers!

    5 weeks today!

  2. I made a mincemeat cake today! Good luck with all your preparations,
    Lisa x