Friday, 18 November 2011

Simple Pleasures.

It turns out that November isn't one of my least-favourite months after all. In my head it was always grey and miserable, cold and lonely, dark, colourless, still. In reality, the grey skies and thick mist make a lovely back-drop to the hills around here, which are slowly turning from shades of orange to thatches of brown. Our flat is a cosy retreat from the winter-ish weather outside, unlike our old terraced house which was draughty and impossibly cold even in summer. I have been more active and more energetic in the past couple of weeks than I have been in ages, and I find myself just as stunned by the wintery shades of grey as I was by the autumnal yellows and reds. Everywhere there is something to be enjoyed; maybe this is more obvious now I have slowed down so much, maybe I am happier and more aware, or maybe the countryside is where I've always wanted to be.

The smell of woodsmoke in the evening air

Curling up in woolly jumpers and socks with a hot cup of tea

Staying up late

 Licking the rim of thick yogurt off the side of the pot (I hope Daniel isn't reading this!)

Re-stocking my herbs and spices ready for some serious winter cooking

A new bottle of sherry on the wine rack

Sitting in the living room with Daniel, each silently working on our own activity

Homemade garlic bread

A really juicy episode of University Challenge 

Incessant talk of Christmas at work

A long phone conversation with my Mum

What were your simple pleasures this week?


  1. My new top and standing up straight!
    Lisa x

  2. Going to a latin dance class and laughing lots x