Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Veg Box Updates.

This week's veg box presented quite a challenge!


And the biggest turnip I have ever seen!!

At first I was completely uninspired; I thought it'd be a week of stew, soup and...more stew? Actually though, it's turned out to be quite an adventure - it turns out that turnip is quite versatile!

Apart from the obvious opportunity for stir fry, which was simple but amazing thanks to the most wonderfully flavoursome broccoli I have ever tasted (so buttery and not bitter at all), I lay in bed last Wednesday night, worrying about the spate of stews ahead. And the fact that Daniel was obviously losing enthusiasm for what has been, for me at least, a sort of dream come true, however gassy it may leave us the next day!

We started off with a chilli on Friday night, using grated turnip instead of carrot to bumpf up the lentils and kidney beans. It was probably delicious, but I put rather a lot of chilli powder in there, and we spent most of the meal drying our eyes and noses and getting up for more water. It now sits sadly in the freezer, either for a Sunday evening when we have absolutely nothing left to eat and no money for takeaway, or for a day when we have really really bad colds.

Saturday night called for getting drunk, and getting drunk is always more fun when curry is involved. So another curry, this time with cauliflower, chard and lentils (and some butternut squash which I bought a while ago), and some more of those spelt naans, which had been sitting as raw bread dough in my freezer all week (and which cooked up like a dream, I must add).

Monday night was probably my favourite of the week, as we made an amazing creamy tomato pasta dish with the tomatoes, which I gobbled up before my first ever running club meeting! Maybe a little too garlicky for a pre-run fuel-up, but delicious all the same! I will come back to both this recipe and the running club in future posts - so watch this space! This might be one of my favourite ever things to do with pasta. 

Then, we had half a turnip to spare. So we made chips. Turnip chips - surprisingly tasty, especially when sprinkled with Maldon salt and dipped in homemade ketchup. With a side of cabbage, of course.


  1. That is a huge turnip! All these meals sound delicious. I often accidentally overdo the hot spices...

    I love your open kitchen shelves! x

    P.S.: You have inspired me to make spelt bread again (had to avoid yeast for a while, but it's no longer an issue), thanks!

  2. Turnip chips and a side of cabbage, sound slike a food nightmare to me! How I wish I was adventurous.
    Lisa x