Sunday, 13 November 2011

This Weekend.

This weekend: a spontaneous fell race (possibly the best race of my running career thus far), lots of mud, wearing in my new DMs, gingerbread lattes on a rare coffee shop date, cake-baking (and eating), a wet but invigorating Sunday morning walk, apple cake and Earl Grey.

Not pictured but also worth mentioning: this film, which was worth breaking my 'read the book first' rule, and has indeed left me hungry to read the novel just to find out whether I am so deeply affected by the story when it is left to words and my imagination. Also, drunken Saturday evening fun and Sunday afternoon bubble baths. I wish this weekend happened every day.


  1. Cor, that cake looks fab!
    Never had a gingerbread latte....nice?


  2. I have that book for this month's book club read. I hope to watch the movie after.
    Gingerbread latte, not sure about that.
    Well done on the run though.
    Lisa x

  3. We bought gingerbread syrup last year but the lattes made at home were nothing like those at Starbucks! Your post reminded me that I have yet to watch the second half of that film (I started watching it far too late one night).