Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Veg Box Updates.

This week's veg box was particularly exciting!

Brussels Sprouts

I say exciting, because I am absolutely crazy for sprouts, and we got a whole tree of them to enjoy! They look so odd, like green baubles on a strange palm tree, and it turns out that the leafy crown on top is wonderful when boiled for a couple of minutes and seasoned with salt and pepper.


We started off with the sprouts on Friday night, stir fried and cooked up in a pasta bake with pumpkin puree and lots of cheese.

I cooked up the leek with some cheddar in a risotto, which was the first 'proper' meal I ever cooked for Daniel one chilly evening in early 2009. Such a moreish, comforting dish, and perfect after a long bike ride on a cold Saturday morning. I always use Nigella's recipe, because when it comes to comfort food, she knows best.

On Sunday we blanched some of the veggies and had them with amazing Higgidy pies and mashed turnip. And gravy. Lots of gravy. A perfect, easy Sunday tea after a full day of chopping, mixing, steaming, washing, chopping, mixing, stewing, washing...

I came home after running club on Monday night to a perfect curried carrot and lentil soup, thanks to Daniel. There's something about organic carrots that makes me want to dance.

More sprouts this week, please!


  1. I adore sprouts - and have done since a boy.

    I always love the look of what you make - I'm going to have to become more adventurous food-wise for sure! I've started settling for much easier options!!

    Al ;-)