Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Veg Box Updates.

This week's veg box was a little more unusual; I confess that I wasn't quite as excited when I uncovered the following selection:

Round black things...beets? Potatoes?

Ok, so I was really excited about the chard, and a three-day chard-frenzy ensued thanks to this post by Becca, featuring a host of amazing chardy ideas!

I also had a pumpkin which I wanted to use, so we made:
Chard and pumpkin chilli, based on this recipe. Really quite yummy!

Pumpkin and coconut curry with chickpeas and chard. Amazing.

Noodle soup with broccoli and chard. (You get the drift!)

The carrots became carrot and ginger soup, and I made up a huge tuscan bean stew with the tomatoes, cabbage and onion, which was accompanied by some of the potatoes, stuffed with cheese and twice-baked, a la my Gran!

And then it was time for the black things! We washed them and they looked like this:

Not black, but purple! 

Then I chopped one in half:


We boiled these mystery potatoes with a sprig of mint, and served them up with a raw veggie salad and caramelized brussels sprouts. I'm not overly keen on potatoes, but these were heavenly - so buttery and earthy. 

If you have any idea what variety these potatoes might be, please do share!


  1. They could be purple majesty but they are usually purplier...

  2. oh man, such beautiful, good food.
    purple potatoes and bright green leaves and orange curry. oh yum.

    and thanks for the shout-out!