Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Veg Box Updates

Last week, we had the following veggies delivered direct to our door:

Romano broccoli
Russian kale
White cabbage

Here's how we served up these organic treats this week:

Daniel stir fried the kale with garlic, ginger, chilli and chickpeas, and served  it with a mix of brown and wild rice. Very tasty.

After a long Saturday of revision for Daniel, I treated him to a Romano broccoli (actually a cauliflower!) pasta dish, with garlic, lemon and cheese. Deeeelicious!

I made a leek, parsnip and apple soup; perfect after a rainy run (and great for lunch the next day)!

I made a 'coleslaw stirfry': strips of cabbage, carrot and apple, thrown in the wok with chickpeas, raisins, garlic and ginger, and served with a sweet and sour vinegarette sauce. I had my doubts but was very happy with this one, and it was great as a cold salad for lunch the next day.

I also cooked up a huge batch of winter broth, ready for those inevitable cold evenings when I don't want to cook: cabbage, apple, carrots and split peas, spiced with ginger, chilli and cumin.

A really tasty week, and we still have plenty of potatoes left (I'm not a big potato-eater so I may leave those for Daniel!)!

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  1. This post is positively oozing with healthiness!
    Lisa x