Sunday, 6 February 2011

Moments, II.

Fighting through gales to reach the local pub,
Tipsily fighting through even worse gales two hours later,
Bustling Saturday markets bursting with noise and colour,
Carrying a bunch of tulips home under my arm,
Beetroot, lettuce and warm egg yolk: a pleasing contrast in colour and taste,
Warm granola eaten straight from the pan,
So long spent in down dog that I cry out loud,
Board games and Black Books with peanut butter hot chocolate,
Preparing a picnic before sunrise on a drizzly Sunday morning,
Driving through stunningly bleak moors with good friends,
A day by the sea, hunting for fossils: soaking wet feet and a pocket full of treasures,
A Goddess-ifying Sunday night bubble bath,
Leek and parsnip soup, and endless chatter.

My weekend was refreshingly different, and not at all how I'd planned. I feel incredibly satisfied, and exhausted in that really good way.


  1. Yay, I love that feeling of a spontaneously awesome weekend. And I figure you really deserve it at the mo!

    (ps I hope that Down Dog wasn't my fault....:/)

  2. Oh my, do I have more relentless down dog in my latest yoga lesson too?! I need to find a yoga school that doesn't put me in down dog every other pose! :-P

  3. I'm told that those postures we least like are what we most need.... ;)

  4. i LOVE it!! and that peanut butter chocolate... man oh man i'm craving some an it's midnight ;) ha