Sunday, 13 February 2011

Moments, III.

Just as planned - a weekend of indulgence.

Sharing a newly-engaged friend's joy over a bottle of good wine,
Chunky marmalade on nutty toast,
An adventurous run in the sunshine, enjoying the first colours of spring peering out from the verges,
Strolling around the city arm-in-arm, peering through shop windows and exploring church yards,
Walking York's ancient walls at dusk, enjoying the dimensions of the city and the noises of the early evening,
A celebration dinner with celebration wine,
A lie in so long I was afraid to look at the time; the first morning spent in my pyjamas for weeks,
Broad sheet newspapers, hot pretzels fresh from the oven and sweet milky coffee,
Singing along to my new Joni Mitchell LP whilst ironing shirts for the week ahead,
Preparing for an interview tomorrow (!); writing notes and reminding myself that I can do this,
Wobbling in trikonasana; hearing my body's response,
Cauliflower and cream cheese soup with a homemade salted pretzel.


  1. Hope you're enjoying the podcasts - wobbly or not :)

    I love Joni, which CD did you get? And best of luck with the interview!

  2. Those pretzels look so delicious.
    Sneding you lots of good luck vibes for your interview tomorrow.
    Lisa x

  3. Why does your food always look so mouth-wateringly scrumptious! If I cooked it I'm sure it wouldn't look like that!! teehee.

    Am a huge Joni fan too - like Rachel - which one did you get? I adore them all - though 'Court and Spark' 'Ladies of the Canyon' 'The Hissing of Summer Lawns' and 'Blue' are particular faves!

    GOOD LUCK with the interview - hopethis one is a little closer to home?

    Al x

  4. The Joni album is 'For The Roses' - a bargain in Oxfam and an addition to my tiny LP collection! The artwork is absolutely beautiful :-)

    More on the job soon - keep fingers and toes crossed!!


  5. I have For the Roses on vinyl too! I have Blue on vinyl, tape + CD which is a bit dorky admittedly....

  6. 'For The Roses' was a flea market find for me too - £2 - so quite a bargain!! Do you know the song 'Urge For Going?' from the 'Songs of a Prairie Girl' album - its stunning!! Worth a listen! Any news on the job? ;-)