Sunday, 20 February 2011

Moments, IV.

A delicious and slow weekend after a testing and busy week.

A Friday night cleaning splurge; up to my arms in bubbles and enthusiasm,
The best sweet potato wedges of my life*,
A cool pint of cider and aching-belly laughs at Black Books,
Pouring rain and sleet through the kitchen window; content to eat warm porridge and drink tea,
A wonderfully soggy run, splashing through puddles and celebrating the joy of mud,
Rain running off my eyelashes and nose, exhaling white puffs of steamy warm air,
A hot shower; tomato soup and grilled cheese,
Kneading bread, singing along to Joni Mitchell and Regina Spektor as the rain pours outside,
Sitting on the sofa reading free magazines and drinking tea,
Homemade pizza - decorating, baking, eating - finishing off too full to move,
German cinema, and remembering that I still am who I used to be, if a little more sensible now,
The sort of sleep that leaves you forgetting who and where you are for a while,
A morning under the duvet, hiding away from the cold house,
Breakfast-table debates and buttery toast, in pyjamas until noon,
Exploring urban beauty: terraced streets, creative windows and hidden allotments.

*roast unpeeled wedges of sweet potato with sea salt flakes, dried chilli flakes and cumin. Once ready, squeeze lime juice over them and serve!


  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed your weekend!
    Love Black Books, very well written and everyone in it was superb.
    Lisa x

  2. I love these posts, and the perfect summing up of your weekends. Sounds lovely. We got our walk, but it was a grumpy grey day, so it was just long enough to justify popping into the pub for warming up and a pint! Hope you have a good week.