Friday, 18 February 2011

Still Here Somehow

After the longest, hardest week, I am still here! I am still smiling! It is Friday and I intend to celebrate!

Fill in the blanks here, if you like!

1. I am at work, eating broccoli and butterbeans with soy sauce in my lunch hour. I am sitting at a desk, with a computer before me, doing a job that is both awesome and relevant to the world and to my own passions. I am very aware of how lucky this makes me, and incredibly aware of the single secure month that remains in my current career.

2. The bravest thing I've ever done was saying no. Choosing to make changes in my life and choosing the life that I knew I'd regret never having otherwise. Coming out of a comfortable situation into the unknown was the best and hardest decision I ever made. Other brave moments: white water rafting, cutting off all my hair, signing up for Keswick Half Marathon, presenting my research at a conference.

3. I feel prettiest when I've come back from a long run, afer I've had a shower. I always feel so elated and so positive, and I really do think that the essence of beauty is happiness.

4. Something that keeps me awake at night is Daniel. He often goes to bed later, after I've already fallen asleep, but he still insists on snuggling up to me and talking to me until late into the night!

5. My favourite meal in the entire world is my Mum's lasagne, or a spicy vegetable curry with fluffy basmati rice and naan.

6. The way to my heart is through laughter, good food and great conversation.

7. I would like to tell you about my amazing wine tasting experience, but I will wait until next week :-)

Have a great weekend folks! :-)


  1. I love this post!!! Your job does sound amazing. I work from home, which is my DREAM, but the job still isn't right. But I'm getting there. ;)

  2. Great post! And that sounds like my kind of lunch, yum :)