Friday, 19 November 2010

Against the Grey

Suddenly all colour seems to have been drained from the world. While running beside the racecourse today I was stunned by the colourless world before me - the bleakness was beautiful but simply nondescript.

Though there's something special about the bleak wintery world (it's why I love the Yorlshire Moors so much, it's seeped in something that can only be described as bleak), this time of year does make colour seem so much more vibrant when you happen across it. As I found in my kitchen this evening - surprising splashes of colour everywhere I turn!


  1. Just what a bleak November day needs.
    Lots of colour.
    Lisa x

  2. So cheery! This time of year is the perfect backdrop for noticing the little things.

  3. ohh i love this! finding color on a bleak winter day...
    all i can stare at are those VEGGIES and that yummy cheese!!!

  4. wonderful words!
    delicious veggies, coming to the rescue again.
    what a beautiful rainbow!