Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Poetry Corner: The Snow.

Down, down, down,
Fell the snow,
To the ground.
Crunch, crackle, crunch,
It softly did munch;
Silky and glittery,
In the cold, cold evening.

I looked out of my room window,
I could see the snow,
It looked like a big crystal,
But of course,
I did know,
That it was the snow.

- Catherine, Age 7

Sadly, my teacher pointed out that this task was to write a poem about ice. I had to start again!


  1. I love that you still have this poem... :)

    When I was 8 I wrote a poem entitled "What is Brown?" and it was published in Puffin Post (you are probably way too young to remember Puffin Post, it was like a London Review of Books for primary school children). I so wish I still had that poem. It had some genius rhyming, eg "cow" and "now". Worthy of Noel Gallagher.... ;)

  2. beautiful poem and pic...i wan't some snow!