Sunday, 14 November 2010

What I've Been Wishing For!

The day has finally come!

Exhausted from a week of early mornings and illness, followed by a gruelling Saturday bike ride, this is a Sunday for rest.

Slow breakfasts with a light debate on vegetarianism (makes a nice change from religion!).

Cosy in my PJs, sipping hot, sweet coffee and doing not-a lot.

Reading my book, so neglected during the week.

Catching up on knitting projects to meet the Christmas deadline.

Hot melted cheese, ketchup, baked beans, too much tea.

Soup - warming parsnip and ginger to fizzle out the winter chills.

Yes, today I am happy to sit back and enjoy a slow pace.


  1. Snuggly socks and tea, just the ticket!
    Lisa x

  2. It's 22.04pm and I'm still in my PJs too! Can't beat it! Although I've had a huge Sunday roast cooked by my beau ;-) Perfect! Hope you're well - Al

  3. Sounds like a wonderful, and well deserved Sunday. ooh, and are you on Ravelry? Look me up, I'm Jainlight...

  4. Parsnip and ginger soup sounds so cozy and...gourmet? Something far beyond my eating vocabulary. But yummy!

  5. Perfect!! Except - no such thing as too much tea!