Sunday, 7 November 2010


Oddly enough, I wasn't really ready for this weekend. After having 3 days off work at the beginning of the week, I wasn't quite tired or fulfilled enough to let go for two days, and so I haven't really done as much relaxing this weekend as I normally would have done. I've been feeling a little impatient and restless - a perfect opportunity to start training for my next big race, however!

I realize now that, to really relax, I need the weather to be completely in my favour. I need lashing rain and howling winds; I need to be completely put off from going outside. So, as the sun gleamed through the curtains on Saturday morning (we have a South-facing house, which apparently is great for growing veggies, hurrah!), I was itching to get out and start pushing myself towards Half Marathon Round 2. Dressed in only my short shorts and a cotton tshirt as the weather was so beautiful, I managed a good 7km without even feeling ready to stop at the end - I haven't lost it, after all! I'm feeling optimistic and excited about this race; it won't be as gruelling as my first one (there are no real hills in this area, let alone mountains), the starting line is only a kilometre from my doorstep (I won't have to eat my breakfast in the car!) and I have the whole of the Christmas period to really work on my training (three helpings of Christmas pudding for me!). We spent the afternoon sifting through antiques and doing general house-filling tasks, as the place is still looking a bit bare. I'm loving house shopping, whereas I absolutely hate clothes shopping - somehow spending my money on spaghetti spoons and cookbooks is so much more pleasing!

And, again, the sun woke me before I was ready this morning. I'll be honest, I did have to curse it a little as I haven't had a pyjama day for months and months! During a breakfast of homemade spelt buns and honey we scoured the maps for a good local road route to practise some speedy cycling (more on this in a few months - there is a bike-related plan a-brewing!), kitted ourselves out and headed out yet again into the wonderful outdoors. The air is so cold today that I can still feel a chill inside my chest from breathing so much of it in, and my toes are still thawing a few hours later. Still we worked up a sweat speeding down desolate country roads, and cheesy scrambled eggs and bagels made a welcome lunch to return to.

After a weekend of outdoorsiness, I'm finally feeling ready to cosy up and do not a lot. My legs are aching and my chest feels clean and full of good oxygen (such a good feeling but hard to describe - you know what I mean though, I'm sure!), and the home comforts of knitting, curling up in a blanket with Thomas Mann and soup soup soup are like a whistle-stop lazy weekend in a single Sunday afternoon.

(Soup recipe to follow tomorrow!)


  1. So your weekend wasn's lazy after all (which is a good excuse not to pick up the phone ;-) )
    I'll try again tomorrow evening.
    But I have to warn you - I might be super excited and rather stuttery ;-)
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. It all sounds very energetic.That bread loks delish.
    Have a good week,
    Lisa x

  3. Glad you are enjoying the wonderful outdoors, and some well-earned cosying up. i know what you mean about the way the weather has to be right - fortunately, i've just spotted raindrops landing on my windowpanes!

    good luck with your trainig - feeling that sense of ease and knowing it's because you have improved at something that used to feel so unnatural and difficult and painful is the best! I bet you'll sail through this race :)