Sunday, 28 November 2010

Bedding Down for Winter

Maybe it's the snow, maybe it's the dark nights, mabye I'm just tired and impatient for more than two days off in a row (oh, had I only known how lucky I was while I was a student!), but it's starting to feel a little bit too close to Christmas around here.

It's been snowing since Friday evening - we stood and watched the now familiar wonder of falling snow for ages; standing in the dark with our noses pressed to the windows. I still get that excited buzz in my tummy at the sight of snowfall; it just turns into an inconvenience much quicker these days.

For whatever reason, this weekend I allowed myself to start preparing for Christmas. To start stewing vine fruits, to spend hours sitting and knitting, to design the Christmas cards and to allow myself to enjoy the excited, impatient buzz of the Advent countdown.

It feels about time to start hibernating a little. With the exception of a snowy morning run on Saturday and a bustling burst of fresh air in the city on Sunday afternoon, I've very much been hiding away in a cardigan with a large mug of tea, stirring mincemeat and creating wooly gifts. We've eaten pie, stayed in bed for hours with hot drinks, and forgotten about the outside tasks that would only turn our hands red raw and leave us desperate for more pie, more tea and more duvet hide-outs.


  1. What's the yarn and pattern? It looks pretty. I too have been feeling the not-so-slow approach of Christmas, I should be knitting gifts, but I'm feeling far too selfish. Oops, not the festive spirit.

    By the way that mincemeat looks tasty!

  2. It's been snowing here in Slovakia since Friday, too. Ah winter, I don't really like the cold weather...*freezes*

  3. Yay, you made your own mincemeat much nicer than bought. Do you cook yours? Mine is raw.

  4. The knitting project looks lovely,great colour.
    Hope you are keeping warm!
    Lisa x

  5. Rebecca - it's a simple ribbed scarf; the pattern is 'knit two, purl two', but sometimes 'knit three, purl one' and sometimes 'knit one, purl three' ;-)

    Rachel - mine is cooked, for two hours, which made the house smell incredible! I used apple instead of suet for animal-free festivities :-) It's the first time I've made it, but I won't be going back to the jars!